Twin Lakes Park

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Twin Lakes Park
219 Twin Lakes Rd.
Latrobe, PA 15650
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This park features Lower and Upper Lakes. The PA Fish Commission stocks both lakes with hardy game fish. Fall and winter stockings make both lakes a haven for ice fishing enthusiasts. A figure-eight walkway circles both lakes. Total walking distance around this handicapped accessible walkway is almost 2 miles. Twin Lakes Boathouse, which sits on the shore of the Lower Lake, is a very popular facility. Pedal boats, and rowboats are available for rental. Food, drinks and live bait are also made available to park visitors year round. Cross-country ski rentals are available in the winter in times of snow accumulation. Available for year round rental, the Activities Center includes a small kitchen, indoor restrooms, and a reception hall/meeting room. The building is heated, but not air-conditioned and will accommodate groups of up to 100 persons. The park also contains a street plaza type skate park.

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