Whaupaunaucau State Forest

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Whaupaunaucau State Forest
Bryant Rd
Norwich, NY 13815
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Whaupaunaucau State Forest’s 1,188 acres offer a wide array of other flora and fauna. Hunting opportunities abound. The varied habitats sustain populations of turkey, deer, squirrels and numerous song birds. A lean-to and fireplace is located along trail 20, and camping is permitted for up to three nights without a permit. Jeffrey’s pond, a 10 acre impoundment, is stocked with brown trout yearly. A fishing access parking lot is located near the pond. Boating is permissible, but there is no boat launching site on the pond. A thirteen mile cross country ski trail is located on the forest. The trails wind through both natural forests and plantations. One can imagine a marten lurking in the shadows of a hemlock glade. The skier may see white-tailed deer browsing on a carpet of white ash seedlings under the red pine and sugar maple tops of a recent timber sale. Enjoy the snow-laden spruce boughs or the turkey tracks around a beech tree. Most trails are designed for skiers with a beginner or intermediate skill level.