Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center


Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center
10260 Morris Hills Rd.
Toddville, IA 52341
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Free Admission – Acres of wetland, prairie, woodland and savanna; 8 miles of of educational and hiking trails; Native American Opening in 2002, the Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center has hosted hundreds of educational, historical and cultural events – providing one-of-a-kind learning experiences to tens of thousands of people. Hundreds of acres surrounding the Center are rich in archaeological history – providing many “hands-on” opportunities for school groups and seniors alike to learn of the Native American culture, life styles the impact that the environment has on life today. Highlights of the Center include a Hall of Habitats, full-size wickiup replica, Native American exhibits featuring life-size figures, archaeology displays, a bird-viewing area, and live reptile/amphibian exhibits. Additionallly, miles of recreational/educational trails meander through wetlands, prairie, savanna and woodland ecosystems surrounding the Center.