Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary

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Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary
378 Candy Kitchen Rd.
Ramah, NM 87321
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The Sanctuary houses over fifty captive-bred wolves and wolf-dogs, most of who were rescued from abusive or neglectful situations. Since the animals were raised in a captive situation, they do not possess the skills necessary to survive in the wild and cannot be released. We offer lifelong care to all of our residents. We strive to create the best environment possible for our animals. The Sanctuary is located in the high-desert mountains of western New Mexico providing plenty of trees and hills for our animals to explore in enclosures ranging from 5000 square feet to one acre. All of our wolves and wolf-dogs are offered only the best diet, vitamin supplementation, and medical care available. We understand the importance of education and strive to teach the public the truth about wolves. We travel around the state and nearby areas with our Ambassador Wolf to meet people at events and classrooms. On-site tours allow people to better understand our mission and why sanctuaries like ours are necessary.

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