Wiley Brook State Forest

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Wiley Brook State Forest
Shapley Hill Rd.
Bainbridge, NY 13733
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Wiley Brook State Forest is located in the towns of Oxford and Guilford in Chenango County. Some of the most scenic areas on this state forest can be found near the ponds. Wiley Pond (also known as Puckerville Pond) is located in the southwestern corner of the forest. A primitive camping site can be found on the east side of the pond, and the site can be reserved by contacting the Sherburne office. Although the site is located near the road, it has a remote atmosphere and is surrounded by tall timber trees. Another pond, which is only partially located on the State forest, can be found between Quarry Road and Shapley Road. This pond is in a remote location, and many species of water foul can be sighted here. The most popular recreational activities on the forest are hunting and hiking. Hikers often use a one mile section of the Finger Lakes Hiking Trail which runs through the forest. It can be accessed from Shapley Road, near Puckerville Corners. Hunting is most popular during big game season. Winter activities include cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, as well as snowmobiling on the sections of unplowed town roads.