Zippel Bay State Park


Zippel Bay State Park
3684 54th Avenue Northwest
Williams, MN 56686
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After visiting Zippel Bay, you’ll remember the sunsets, and the miles of white sand beach. The park is located on the shores of Lake of the Woods, one of the world’s largest lakes. Because of its size, the lake freezes much later than most lakes and remains ice covered much later in the spring. In the spring hear the ice as it is stressed by wind and compression. During the winter, visitors will be treated to the intricate ice forms on rocks and the shore. The mood of the lake is always changing, from three-foot high crashing waves, approaching storms and lightening flashes, to an eerie stillness with faint sounds from a thousand raucous gulls, out of sight in the lakes interior. The 3,000-acre park offers a swimming beach on the big lake, a marina in Zippel Bay and stone jetty providing access to Lake of the Woods and safe passage off the lake. Watch for sandhill cranes and piping plovers. The park offers drive-in campsites and a group camp.