Staying safe as the country reopens

Hi all!

We at Naturefind are so glad to see the enthusiasm you all have for getting outside and experiencing nature during our nationwide lockdown, especially those of you who are continuing to practice safe and healthy physical and social distancing guidelines.

As more and more places such as parks, playgrounds, museums, and recreation centers reopen, everyone must continue to take safety measures while enjoying these spaces:

  • A distance of six feet (or two meters) between people of separate households is still required.
  • Face masks in public spaces are still a must.
  • On trails, if someone must pass, get as far to the side of the trail as you are able to and face away from the passing individuals.
  • If visiting a playground, immediately after play, wash yours and your child’s hands with soap and warm water, or use hand sanitizer if soap and water is not available.

Soon we will all be able to recreate safely outside, soon, so long as we all do our part and prevent the spread of COVID-19!