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Welcome to NatureFind 2.0

Published on February 9, 2015 under Welcome

We’re excited today to launch NatureFind 2.0. 

After 7 years we’re busting out a bunch of new initiatives to help more people find nature events and places nearby!  We thank our sponsors who enable this to be free for both viewers and the locations putting on these events.


We invite you to:

– enjoy nature events and places nearby

– add events and places

– help post to your nearest local NatureFind Facebook page

Happy NatureFinding!

~ The NatureFind Team



  1. Steve Kaye


    You do not need to show this post.

    I’m writing to request help. I posted an event and it seems to be credited to Wayne Parker. Who is he? Why does he appear on my post?

    How do I show that my posts came from me?

    I welcome any suggestions that would help me be a positive part of this community.


    Steve Kaye

    1. Wayne Parker

      Steve, thank you for the post and please excuse the confusion. I’m Wayne Parker, the founder of NatureFind, and the site settings weren’t correct. I’ve asked our developed to fix that. The class sounds great! We’re glad to help promote events like this in any way we can, and please let us know if you see any other ways NatureFind can be improved. Best wishes, Wayne

    1. Wayne Parker

      Dianne, thank you for reaching out and I apologize for the difficulty. That part of the event entry is a little confusing…would you try again, and in the ‘Where’ section, click on ‘Search for a location’. It should drop down a little box where you can begin typing the name, wait a moment, and see if it appears. If not, just reply with the place you want to add and we’ll enter it ourselves. And if need be we’ll try to change or clarify how that part of the form works. Thank you! Wayne Parker

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